Glen Gardiner

Glen Gardiner

Glen Gardiner

Glen Gardiner a martial artist of 28 years, is experienced in a diverse number of martial art disciplines; a qualified instructor in seven martial arts. He has trained, taught, conducted seminars, and competed in Australasia, South East Asia and North America.

He has been involved in and assisted in the development of training and instruction of military unarmed combat in the Australian Army commencing in the 1980’s through to the late 1990’s when a serving member of the Australian Defence Force.

He qualified as a Military Unarmed Combat (MUC) Instructor training Army units throughout Australia and members of specialist Australian policing organisations. From 1990-1998 Glen instructed on nearly every MUC Exponent and Instructor course conducted in the Australian Army in Australia during that period. He was posted as the Operations Officer of the Military Unarmed Combat Wing, 11 Training Group, for the duration of that units existence under command of Major John Whipp.

Later in his Military career he was posted to the Headquarters of the then named 7th Task Force, as the Liaison Officer for development of Military Unarmed Combat. In that time he met some of the most respected names in Australian MUC including Mr. Ken “Blue” Curran, Denis Gaskell, Greg Mawkes, his teacher John Whipp, and many more.

As a serving defence member he was involved in training various military and policing organizations within Australia and later as a civilian consultant he trained organizations in South East Asia. Glen has been involved in the developed of training programs for voluntary principles of security and human rights, security, and security risk management as well as having been involved in capacity peace development programs involving youth and martial arts programs in conflict environments in South East Asia.

Glen considers himself as having been extremely lucky being exposed to many exceptional instructors and mentors who have assisted the development of his martial arts experience.

He resides in Indonesia with his American wife where he works He trains and teaches at a non-profit martial arts school he started with other interested members of the Jakarta Glen still competes in various national and international events injury, age and attitude permitting.