Kelly Worden

Kelly Worden

Kelly Worden

Kelly S. Worden’s background is quite diverse with 35+ years of Boxing, Modern Arnis, Kickboxing, JKD, Wing Chun, Sombo, Small Circle JuJitsu, and he balances the teaching curriculum and method through the functional attribute extractions of the Filipino Stick and Knife arts. Simply put, it has all been Americanized for realistic function and practical use.

Kelly S. Worden’s Combative Program has been extremely well received through the U.S. Army 1st. Special Forces at Ft. Lewis Washington for the last 5 years. Prior programs include the USAF 62nd Combat Controllers at McCord AFB under the guidance of Col. Michael Vrosh, and countless seminars throughout North America.

The Combative Program Kelly S. Worden currently instructs covers Stick or ASP Baton, Short Staff, Knife, Machete, Improvised weapons, Trapping, Throws, Locks, Non-lethal control, Counter-Grappling, and Kickboxing strategies.

Retired U.S. Army Sergeant Major Lawrence Jordan, was selected by former U.S. Army Special Forces Commanding General Frank Toney Jr. to evaluate the vast majority of Special Forces units on their existing CQC programs, Worden’s name was at the top of the list.

The Combative impact and edged weapon curriculum also employs a self defense tool Kelly Worden designed years ago called the Impact Kerambit and is now produced in an even more covert model the Travel Wrench. The instructional material embraces concepts of cross referencing skill development from improvised impact weapons into knife and empty hand tactics. The method allows trained individuals to implement almost any object into a weapon for self protection, escalating or de-escalate the level of force needed depending on the situation.

The program is direct and breaks down the cultural barriers of different arts into a curriculum that is direct, quick, easy to assimilate, and instruct. The majority of the format works on empty hand and weapon development to include close quarter striking, projectiles, controls, locks, human shielding, throws, kicking, foot trapping, re-directional manipulation etc. This method establishes geometric relations to movement including plus signs, times signs, circles, boxes, and lines. Tactics that connect the principles into offensive, defensive, evasion, distance and depth control as it relates to individual or multiple attacker strategies and physical positions.

Kelly S. Worden’s teaching method has focused primarily on developing and complimenting an individuals personal and instructional attributes. He is a worldwide recognized instructor, equipment innovator, radio talk show host, writer, and former weapon’s editor for Full Contact and Fighting Knives magazines. Worden has produced over 25 internationally acclaimed instructional video programs and designed knives manufactured by Crawford Knives, Bud Nealy, Timberline, TOPS, Al Mar, and his latest model by Ontario Knife Company, the Special Forces Machete.

On a personal note directly from Kelly, “I pride myself on developing leaders and teachers not followers of a cultural style or agenda based strategy that dictates or advocates one method of training to be superior to another. It is the individual and not the style that distinguishes validity in martial combat and personal protection.”

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