Ken Richter

Ken Richter

Ken Richter

Special Forces Combatives Master Instructor, US Special Forces, US Rangers, International Close Combat Instructors Assoc.

Served in the 82nd Airborne and Special Forces for 14 years, trained in Heavy and Light weapons, Intel, Operations, HALO, Tactical Special Forces SCUBA, Team SGT. Special Atomic Demolitions (SADM) and related Special Forces training. A retired Viet Nam Veteran where he served with Det. A-219 (Mike Force and Eagle Flight). He was selected to represent Special Forces on a special international demonstration team.

Ken has worked in Asia for over 30 years in the security related industry in Korea, China, Taiwan, Cambodia, Viet Nam, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand. He is featured in the book “Hard Man Humble” as well as various newsprint, radio and TV shows in both Asia and the USA.

He is currently working for both the Royal Thai Tourist Police and the Royal Thai National Police as a Combatives Instructor. Ken worked with the Royal Thai Recon Marines, the Royal Thai Navy SEALS and the Thai Special Forces and Rangers.
He has instructed the Royal Thai Police and Thai Special Forces at Lopburi and is a member of the Force Protection Detachment at the US Embassy Bangkok.

Ken’s introduction to hand-to-hand combat begun in basic training and then was continued with a basic 20 hour course when he was undergoing training with the military police.
His involvement in close quarters combat training continued in Japan where he also studied Judo at the Kodokan achieving his First Dan black belt in only one year.

He entered in two tournaments in Japan the first when he was a brown belt and the second as a black belt winning both against the odds as the Japanese were not that in favour of non-Japanese winning such tournaments.

In the third special forces group he instructed hand-to-hand combat to an A company and while serving in Mike Force Vietnam Ken, Truman Foy and Jim Fiquette were sent to The 25 Infantry Division to instruct hand-to-hand combat for 10 days.

While with the SADM detachment he began teaching his team hand-to-hand combat and when other teams heard and made requests for this training he also trained them.

In recent years he has become involved in hand-to-hand combat training again in Southeast Asia with other former US serviceman and the Thai military.

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